Our attorneys primarily represent businesses and insurance companies in defending actions involving:

Have you been served with a complaint? You need proper representation to start protecting your rights. Call us today to discuss your options!

The law firm of Bennett Guthrie, PLLC offers all types of business services and solutions. Our firm can help you with the day-to-day needs of your company in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner. Click here for more information.

Have you or your business received a complaint? Do you or your company need representation? Call us today to discuss your options.

We have decades of experience in working through and resolving complex business litigation issues. Whether it is being lead national counsel or supporting others through a local counsel role, we work responsively to serve our clients. Call us to discuss today!

Does your profession or business incur liability? Are you being sued for some sort of malpractice or do you need an opinion regarding legal and risk exposure? Please call us today.

Do you or your business have issues with debt? Have you been noticed as a creditor in a bankruptcy case? Not sure what to do? Call us today to discuss your options and rights!

There is no better risk management than good planning from the beginning of your business process. We walk our clients through the analysis and process of corporate planning, including asset protection, tax planning, and risk exposure. Call us today to discuss your planning needs.

Has someone not met their contractual obligations? Has this caused you or your business damage? Please call us to discuss your options.

We have years of experience in asbestos-related products litigation. We represent private companies and insurance companies in their defense of these products. We also offer local counsel services in these highly specialized cases.

Employment cases are highly complex and require experienced counsel to help guide clients through the minefield. Contact us today to discuss your employment defense issues!

We find that mediation and arbitration are useful tools to lower the costs of litigation. We have years of experience in being mediators and arbitrators which gives us unique experience when representing our clients with these tools of alternative dispute resolution.

We have decades of experience defending doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies in medical malpractice claims. We bring the skill and experience necessary to mount a strong defense.

Workers’ Compensation defense can cause serious headaches for the general counsel’s office. We provide the systems, experience, and knowledge to relieve the pain. Call us discuss.

Are you the executor of an estate? Do you need to defend a lawsuit? Call us to discuss your options.

Do you have a professional license? Have you received a notice regarding the status of your license? You may need representation before the board because your rights need to be protected!

Have you recently lost a lawsuit but believe you should have won? We can review your case and help you put together an appeal…. but don’t delay! The clock is ticking on your appeal rights!

We have decades of experience working with adjusters and insurance companies defending claims in and out of court. We believe in responsive, comprehensive representation that meets the constraints that adjusters must manage closely.