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When it comes to the topic of wills, many people would rather talk about anything else at all with their children than discuss their wills! However, we here at Bennett Guthrie PLLC believe that wills need to be more of an open topic rather than a surprise after a beloved person has passed. If you are in the process of getting a will or are unsure how to broach the topic with your children or beneficiaries, we want to give you a few reasons to discuss your will long before you pass:

1.  Openness in Conversation- Instead of making wills a taboo topic to discuss, teach your children that it is okay to discuss important things, even if the topics make you feel a bit uncomfortable. When you are thinking of who will get your belongings or what you want done with your remains, it leads to an open conversation with your children.

wills need to be more of an open topic rather than a surprise

2.  Prevent Sibling Squabbles- At the time of a loved one’s passing, emotions are already running high- now is not the time to produce surprises that might anger one or more sibling. Instead of forcing your children to face confrontation shortly after your funeral, tell them about your will ahead of time, so that things are clear and any arguments they may have can be resolved.

3.  No Confusion- When a person passes without a clear will, they leave their loved ones to guess as to what they would have wanted. Wills clear up any confusion to your desires.