When to Update Your Last Will and Testament

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Our team at Bennet Guthrie PLLC works in multiple legal practice areas, including bankruptcy law, business law, and estate law. Estate law covers all the laws and regulations governing how property is inherited and distributed, so when you want to make a last will and testament, you’ll need to speak with an estate lawyer.

When to Update Your Last Will and Testament

We typically encourage clients to consult with their estate lawyer regularly and update their last will and testament every five years or so. Even if you don’t stick to this schedule, you should still update your will after major life events, such as:

  • Adding a New Child – When a new baby is welcomed into the family, you should take the time to update your last will and testament. If you have recently welcomed a new child or grandchild, we encourage you to contact our team so you can write your new family member into your will. You should also update your will when adding a child via adoption or guardianship.
  • Marriage or Divorce – You’ll also want to update your last will and testament when your marital status changes. In addition, if you want to make sure any of your in-laws are remembered in your will, even if they divorce the members of your biological family they are married to, you’ll need to mention them specifically. Our team will help you ensure your assets go to the correct people.
  • Estrangement – Our team believes in being prepared for every possibility, and that includes the possibility of estrangement. If you have a falling-out with any of your heirs and don’t foresee a way to mend the relationship, you should consider removing them from your will.