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The phrase “power of attorney” may be one that you have heard before, perhaps in a legal or medical drama, but you may not be entirely sure what it means or how it works. We at Bennett Guthrie PLLC want to give you all the information you need in order to make the best decisions when it comes to legal matters, and the issue of power of attorney can be one of the most important matters to understand and handle appropriately. In this article, we’ll be going over what this term means and how it works so that you have the information you need to make sound decisions about this issue.

Power of attorney refers to a set of legal documents

Power of attorney refers to a set of legal documents that, when you sign them, gives another person the authority to make decisions on your behalf.  A person would file these documents as a safety measure in case they were to become incapacitated and unable to act on their own—the person entrusted with their power of attorney would be bound to act in accordance with the wishes laid out in the documents. The primary powers granted by these documents concern your finances and how you want them to be used, as well as your wishes for medical treatment. Our team at Bennett Guthrie PLLC recommends stipulating your desires for both areas, and we can help you draft the documents you need in order to ensure that your family member or other executor abides by your wishes.

We at Bennett Guthrie PLLC hope that this information is helpful to you, and that it has demystified this piece of legal jargon at least a little. If you would like to get started with your own power of attorney, simply reach out to our team to get the legal expertise you need.