What is a Living Will?

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As part of the estate planning process, you may decide to create a living will. This is a document that outlines how you want to receive medical treatment when you become incapacitated and no longer capable of making decisions on your own.

What is a Living Will?

You may think that you can put off creating a living will until you get older or develop a chronic illness. However, an unexpected disease or injury can develop at any time throughout your life, so creating a living will sooner rather than later can help you protect your interests and your peace of mind.

As you create your living will, think about what type of medical care you would want in an end-of-life situation. This is an extremely personal decision, but you may want to consult with friends and family members about the stipulations you include in this document.

When you create your living will, you will also need to name someone who will be responsible for making decisions on your behalf. Select a representative you feel will represent your best interests and make choices for you that you would approve of.

Writing a living will requires extensive consideration and foresight and should be done with the help and guidance of a legal professional. If you want to create a living will as part of the estate planning process, turn to us at Bennett Guthrie PLLC. We can help you make a living will, as well as assist with other documents you want to include in your estate.