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Call on us when you need a lawyer to explain how the bankruptcy process works.

It is never a good feeling to face more financial obligations than you can handle, and it is only normal to wonder if bankruptcy is something you should consider. Heading to a bankruptcy lawyer in the Greensboro, North Carolina area doesn’t mean you will necessarily end up filing for bankruptcy. What it means is that you need all the facts so you can decide if this option is feasible for your situation. Here at Bennett Guthrie PLLC, when you meet with a bankruptcy lawyer from our firm, you get the answers you need.

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Greensboro, North Carolina

We take the time to explain how bankruptcy works, the options available for your situation, and how to navigate the bankruptcy process successfully. We will advise you about things you can and cannot do that can help or hurt your case. If you are a candidate for bankruptcy, your bankruptcy lawyer will then give you the time you need to decide if you want to proceed.

If you do make the decision to file for bankruptcy, we will keep you informed throughout the process and be on hand to answer any questions that come up along the way. Your bankruptcy attorney will negotiate your case so that your bankruptcy can be discharged appropriately, thereby releasing you from all eligible debts and financial obligations, so you can get a fresh start.

It is far better to have the answers you need than to continue struggling without believing there is any hope of a solution. If you would like to learn more about bankruptcy, call us today to schedule an appointment with a bankruptcy lawyer.

At Bennett Guthrie PLLC, our bankruptcy lawyers proudly serve all of North Carolina, including Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Clemmons, Mocksville, Lexington, King, Kernersville, and High Point.