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If you are involved in civil litigation proceedings and are looking for exceptional legal services, give us a call.

When people think of court and litigation, they usually think of criminal court with a judge and a jury, but the reality is most of the court cases that occur are civil, meaning that they involve businesses and individuals who have disagreements and therefore file suits against each other. In civil litigation, claimants are usually seeking monetary or other compensation for alleged harm caused by the other party.

Civil Litigation in Greensboro, North Carolina

Here at Bennett Guthrie PLLC, we have a collection of experienced attorneys with many different backgrounds and concentrations. When it comes to civil ligation, our goal is always the fastest resolution with the best possible outcome for you, our client. The most common types of civil litigation include the following:

  • Contract disputes: One of the best ways to avoid contract disputes is to only enter clear, written contracts. Even with the best contracts, disputes may still arise, but breaches of contract are easier to prove.
  • Property disputes: The larger the property and the more value it has, the more likely it is to inspire property disputes.
  • Torts: In this type of civil ligation, one party alleges that the other party caused physical or emotional harm to them through direct action or negligence.
  • Class action cases: These cases are a little like torts but involve a greater number of claimants. A group of claimants together alleges that a single party or entity injured them in some way.

Many civil litigation matters can be resolved outside the courtroom with proper legal representation. If you need representation for civil ligation in or near Greensboro, North Carolina, give us a call today.

At Bennett Guthrie PLLC, we can assist with civil litigation anywhere in North Carolina, including Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Clemmons, Mocksville, Lexington, Kernersville, King, and High Point.