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Our full-service law firm can provide superior business litigation services and advice for your business.

Here at Bennett Guthrie PLLC, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to take care of all your business litigation needs. We can guide you through business matters involving both public and private law. From advising and consulting roles to representing you or your business in court, we take our job of providing you with the fastest resolution and the best possible outcome very seriously.

Business Litigation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Our growing, full-service law firm can provide exceptional legal services in many business litigation areas, including the following:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Unable to pay working capital/equipment loan
  • Personal guarantee
  • Unable to pay commercial real estate loans
  • Landlord has threatened eviction
  • Cannot pay trade vendors/creditors
  • Unpaid payroll/sales/income taxes
  • Merchant/receivables account loans

Our business litigation services are tailored to your unique needs. Whether you have a large, Fortune 500 corporation or a small, local business in or near Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we are confident that we can support and advise you or represent you as needed in court. We have experience helping many different types of businesses, including HVAC companies, restoration and building contractors, restaurant owners, gym owners, trucking companies, rental property owners, retailers and franchisees, medical providers like doctors and dentists, and janitorial companies, among others.

When it comes to business litigation, you can’t afford to settle for anything less than the best. Our experienced attorneys bring a diversity of concentrations, experiences and backgrounds that will help us deliver the best possible outcomes for your business. Call today to discuss your business litigation needs.

At Bennett Guthrie PLLC, we can assist with business litigation anywhere in North Carolina, including Winston‑Salem, Greensboro, Clemmons, Mocksville, Lexington, King, Kernersville, and High Point.